Friday, August 11, 2006

Pictures Taken by SE K750i

Inside The Carlsbad Cavern. Taken with MXE-60 flash attached. An awsome place to visit, about 725 feet below the surface. I went down by an elevator but you could walk down if you want to. I decided the elevator bacause it was fast and once I arrived at the bottom, I still have to walk for about 1.3 miles in the Big Room. The inside temperature was cool even during the summer heat but bearable.

I took a panoramic pic while on vacation in Vail, Colorado. This was the view from my hotel. I was staying at Lionshead Village during the summer.

My mother-in Law's cat, I took this with a flash MXE-60 attached to K750i.

I was at the Houston's Zoo and took this picture of two different Anocondas. Yikes!

Ah..yes, the next one are two rattle snakes snuggling each other. Thank goodness all of them were behind the glass.


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